“The hockey world is going to be rocked by SportsKast…everyone is going to want to do this!”

-NHL veteran Brad Norton

“This is a stunning product for youth & adult athletes. There’s no other way to describe it…it’s just awesome.”

-Lyndsey Fry, Team USA, 2013 IIHF Gold Medalist, 2014 Olympic Silver Medalist

“The process was extremely easy.  Coach Mike is great!”

– Christina T. Detroit, Michigan

“I saw my niece’s hockey video at a family get-together and was blown away. The graphics and commentators are amazing….the whole production is unbelievable.”

-Rob S. Toronto, Ontario

“Our son’s hockey video was spectacular, it was as if he made it onto an ESPN episode at 12 years old.”

– Geoff B. Tucson, Arizona