What is SportsKast?

SportsKast is a sports memory creator, focused on providing youth & adult athletes a unique video production that spotlights the athlete in a setting that mimics a nationally broadcasted sports program, complete with commentators.

We take the video you have recorded on your phone or other device and combine it with high-end in-studio technology. The result is an incredible sports show ‘episode’, that makes your athlete look & feel like the greatest name in sports.

How it Started

We’ve always loved sports. Being born & raised in Canada, our family favorite was hockey (believe it or not). After moving our family to the US in 2012, both of our boys, aged 4 & 7, started their hockey careers here in Arizona, in the middle of the Sonoran desert. An odd place to play hockey, but they’ve been doing it ever since, and the experience has been awesome.

Many people down here in the southwest don’t know this, but once a year, over the Christmas/New Year’s break, Canada goes to war with our friends from around the world. We call this war the World Junior Hockey Tournament, and for 10 days, the best junior players in the world represent their countries on the international stage.

As parents of youth athletes, we dream about the possibility of our kids putting on that jersey with the nation’s flag. Not a sponsor or equipment manufacturer’s name, but the Stars & Stripes, the Maple Leaf, or the myriad of designs out of Europe & Russia.

During one broadcast of a run up to a recent World Junior tournament, the commentators were doing a spot on one of the teams. They were doing a background bio on one of the players, showing him practicing as a kid and how the parents supported him throughout his minor hockey years. As I watched, I couldn’t help but start daydreaming about how I would feel if I ever got to see one of my boys wear the flag of his nation. Very proud moment, I would think!

Then, as reality sunk in again, I remembered how tough it is to make it to that elite level. Statistically speaking, hardly anyone does. But, we as parents give our kids the opportunities to get there anyway. Investing in equipment, camps and early morning alarm clocks are all part of it. That’s when the idea of SportsKast hit me. I wondered, why couldn’t a youth (or adult) athlete look & feel like the star of the show today, regardless of skill level? Playing sports isn’t always about making it to the highest level. It’s about enjoyment and love of the game, no matter which game it happens to be. SportsKast brings your athlete’s love of the game into the studio, and creates something so unique and amazing that you will watch and share it again and again, for years to come.

It’s not just for kids…perhaps your dad or teammate plays hockey and you want to give him a taste of the glory he never knew. Maybe your mom plays golf and you want to give her the most unique birthday gift ever created. There is nothing like SportsKast…where we combine their love of their game with high-end studio technology to remember the moments in spectacular fashion.

Who knows, maybe your athlete makes it on the big stage one day. I hope they do. But why wait to find out? Let SportsKast create a fantastic memory today that you will have for a lifetime, and beyond.

I hope you enjoy it.

Pat Wilde

Creator of SportsKast